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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kind Words

Having just come back from the Microsoft PDC2005 with lots of goodies and ideas in my head about how COBOL can take advantage of this brave new managed world. I was then surprised to get a email from a old college friend who points me an interesting blog..

Just to quote:

> Joe Rubino's WebLog - Random thoughts of a .Net Architect Evangelist
>Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Micro Focus Developer Forum in Atlanta
>and learn about the products Micro Focus has to offer the COBOL developers who want to
>move their applications off of the mainframe or who want to develop object orientated
>applications in COBOL. If you have a large investment in COBOL applications and in COBOL
>development and want to move to .Net I would take a serious look at what Micro Focus has to
>offer. Or if you want take advantage of what .Net managed code and the strict datatypes
>offered by the .Net Common Language Runtime offer look them up. I will provide a link to
>their site in my links section.


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